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Where did you get your parts? Can I buy your parts? Resize scripts


"Is there a demo rezzer in the affiliate package? If not, can I have one?"
The demo vendor system we are using, does not support commission. Therefore it wouldn't make sense to put such a vendor into the affiliate package or to give it away to our affiliates. If you still want demos on your land, just contact Diddi Alter for help. He will need the group tag of the land and will set up the same demo rezzer we use, at your spot.


"Can I have a refund?"
Since all bikes are no transfer, sorry, we can't give you a refund.


"I lost my bike! Can you send me another one?"
There is a redelivery terminal at our mainstore. You should use that instead, cause thats much faster then contacting the owners. If that doesn't work for you for some reason, please send a notecard with the transaction details to Diddi Alter.


"I want to be a bike builder! Where did you get your sculpts and scripts?"
Nowhere! Our sculpts are made by us, our scripts are wrote by us. We use our own parts in our vehicles only!


"In that case, can i buy ACC's scripts and sculpts? Because I wanna be a bike builder!"
We're planning to sell our own sculpts in a special product line, which you can use in your products inside SL. But, we'll never sell our scripts, sounds, animations or other parts! There're over 2 years of hard work in the main script alone.


"I want to send a bike as a gift!"
For gift versions of our bikes, use the vendor or buy gift cards. Please, while using the vendor, read EXACTLY what you need to do! No refund if you send the wrong bike to the wrong person!


"Is it possible to get a modify-version of my bike?"
Nope, we don't change any permissions on our products - not at Animas Custom Choppers, not at any other of our brands.


"I sit about a meter above my bike. What the hell is this and what can i do against it?"
2 options:
1.: SL or the sim you're on is extremely slow and/or laggy. In that case, it just takes more time for your client to download the needed animations. Be patient or try again on a different sim.
2.: Your Animation Overrider is still triggered on. On vehicles, you should always turn your "Sit"-function off! If you don't have a seperate Sit-function, close down the whole thing.


"I want a custom work! Can you do that for me?"
Depends on what you exactly want. At the moment, we don't take any customs, cause we just don't have the time to do them, but if you have a kick-ass project in mind, just let us know. If we think it's awesome, we'll do it ;-)


"I have a custom bike and don't get an update. Why?"
Because there aren't updates on custom bikes. It wouldn't be possible for us to update dozens of customs.


"Is it possible to add resize scripts to your bikes?"
No, because resize scripts have an huge impact on the bike's handling. To avoid size-issues for "small" avatars, f.e. females, we added 2 different animation packs and the bike detects the size of avatars automaticly. Good vehicles should not have this function, because it's impossible to program the engine to work well in every size.
Please also notice, at this time it's only possible to resize an object by putting a script in every (!) prim, which means 30 additional scripts. So we're not building in such functions to avoid lag, too.


"Isn't a high-prim bike a no-go for performance for sim and bike?"
I don't know who rumored that one, but as a matter of fact, high-prim bikes don't effect the performance in another way then regular bikes. The attachment doesn't really interact much with the bike, so no reason to worry about.
If you are wearing a 255 prims-belt or a bike attachment, the difference doesn't really matter ;-)


"I can't see an unlock-feature on my high-prim bike! Is there or will there be one?"
At the moment, there won't be an unlock option for high-prim bikes. On those bikes, most of the work is used for the attachment, which appears in the rider's inventory automaticly while riding. Therefore it wouldn't make sense for ACC to build in such a feature.
But, if LL offers a function to attach a linkset without having it in your inventory, this feature will definitely come in a future update!


"But why an attachment then? Isn't it possible to link all prims to one object?"
Sadly not. Physical vehicles are allowed to have 32 prims since the new physics engine Havok4 (31 prims before). The driver and the passenger are counting as 1 prim each, so there're 30 primitives left for building.


"I've read about non-physics-vehicles somewhere, which allow you to use way more prims. Is it possible to put such a script into my bike?"
No, non-physics-vehicles don't allow a handling which you want to have for your bike. To get a handling like that, you'll need way too much scripting, which would end up in a worse performance.